Ul - izboljševanje študijskih procesov z metodologijo appreciative inquiry, FGG, Jamova 2, Ljubljana, foto: Zeljko Stevanic/IFP

The mission of the Slovenian Association of Facilitators /IAF Chapter Slovenia is to grow and promote professional facilitation in order to help groups, organisations and communities reach their goals in an effective, collaborative and synergistic way.

Founded in 1997, the Slovenian Association of Facilitators now comprises over 100 members – from full-time facilitators to managers, leaders, consultants teachers and community organisers change agents.

The goals of the Slovenian Association of Facilitators:

  • grow facilitation capacity and competencies within Slovenia;
  • promote facilitation as profession and approach for co-creating wise solutions to complex challenges;
  • build community of  individuals, groups and organizations who are aligned with our mission, goals and values.

Activities in 2017:

Monthly community-of-practice meetings to exchange practices & grow capacity_97B3160

Held 1 x month, 18.30 – 22.00 (location donated by a sponsor – a top Slovenian industrial company, whose workers can in turn join the meetings)

Workshops and trainings to grow the capacity for facilitation:

  • 18.8.2017: ABC of facilitation: introductory workshop, Vida Ogorelec, CPF
  • 19. and 20.1. 2017: Facilitator in action: up-grade workshop, Vida Ogorelec, CPF

More information about our events: info@drustvo-moderatorjev.si

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DrustvomoderatorjevSlovenije/


Members of the board:

Marjeta Novak, CPF, president

Natalija Vrhunc
Dragana Prijanovič
Peter Tancig
Helena Matoh
Primož Kočar